Who are we? What are we doing?

We are group of people from IIT’s and NIT’s  who have been sincerely working from last 20 years in the area of humane education and natural farming. In natural farming we are making efforts for developing and practicing eco-friendly and human-friendly production by natural (cyclic and mutually-enriching) processes and methods required for sustaining healthy life on Earth. We use deshi cow-based manure (jeevamrit) and cow-based pesticides (beejamrit etc.) in the production process. We are also encouraging nearby farmers to adopt natural farming, coordinating with them, collecting their produce also and directly sharing these fresh, natural products with consumers.


Natural foods are good for health – easy to digest, nurturing for the body and tasty. The lifestyle – intake (food, air, water, sunlight etc.) and the daily routine are two important variable effecting health. A healthy lifestyle may require much less of medication and medical attention.


What will be your preference? What are we planning for?


1. Food with chemicals + medication + your health issues

2. Chemical free nutritious Organic products


Taking into consideration the second choice is better for our health; we started our first store at IIT Kanpur 3 years back. We got very encouraging and warm responses for our products from IIT residents and now in the position to extend our services which can fill the requirement of 100+ families.